Apply to the Dream Fund

Apply to the Dream Fund

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The Dream Fund gives organisations the chance to deliver the project they have always dreamed of, but never had the opportunity to bring to life. We are asking charitable organisations across Great Britain to think big, be ambitious and collaborate with other not-for-profit partners to deliver their dream project.

The Dream Fund will allow charities to apply for up to £1,000,000 to deliver their ‘dream’ project in Great Britain (Scotland, England or Wales) in 2018-2020. There is a total award fund of £3,000,000.

The Dream Fund will open for applications on July 14th. The latest guidance notes are available here: 

Dream Fund Guidance Notes

You can read about the previous winners of the Dream Fund here.

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  • Applications must be innovative, creative and original, and present projects that are a genuine ‘dream’.
  • One of these organisations MUST be a registered charity and be the lead organisation for the project who enters into a contractual relationship with the Trust in order to deliver the collaborative project.  The main grant contact must be with this organisation.
  • The other partners can be charities, voluntary groups, community interest companies, universities or other not-for-profit organisations.
  • Applicants are eligible to apply ONCE only, either as a lead or a partner organisation. This restriction also applies to organisations that have multiple branches, e.g. different branches in Scotland and England.
  • Please note that we have restrictions regarding income levels of applicants. The lead partner in any application must have an annual income that is at least two times the amount applied for.
    • For example, if you are applying for £500,000 then the lead partner’s annual income must be at least £1 million in the last audited accounts.
    • If you are applying for £1 million then the lead partner’s annual income must be at least £2 million in the last audited accounts.
    • There is no maximum upper limit regarding the annual income of applicants.
    • The minimum amount charities may apply for is £500,000.
  • We encourage applicants to think big and be as creative as possible when submitting their application. If you have an idea for the Dream Fund it is always worth contacting the Dream Fund helpdesk and seeing if your project is suitable before applying.

Dream Fund Guidance Notes




  • Jul 14th - Aug 22nd

Applicants submit their proposal through a simple online application form. Applicants provide the following details:

  • A brief description of the organisations who are partnering
  • A project description
  • Details of why the project is a ‘dream’ project
  • The amount of funding requested


  • Sep 14th - Oct 31st

The most impressive, exciting and original projects will then be shortlisted and asked to apply via a formal online application form.


  • Dec 4th & 5th

Stage 2 applicants will then be shortlisted again and the very best entries will be asked to attend our offices in Edinburgh to give a formal presentation on their project to the Dream Fund Assessment Panel.