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Dream Fund

Dream Fund

Dream Fund 2016 winners have been announced and you can read more about them here

Dream Fund 2017 will be open for applications in August. The funding guidelines will be updated and will be published on this page in July.

In the meantime this page contains details of Dream Fund 2016 and the guidance notes will give you an idea of what to expect when Dream Fund 2017 opens for applications.


The Dream Fund gives organisations the chance to deliver the project they have always dreamed of, but never had the opportunity to bring to life. We are asking charitable organisations across Great Britain to think big, be ambitious and collaborate with other not-for-profit partners to deliver their dream project.

Dream Fund 2016 will offer a total award fund of over £1.5 million for charitable organisations to deliver their ‘dream’ project in the areas of Scotland, England or Wales in 2016-2018.

Charities will be able to apply for funding to deliver their dream project. There will be two or three awards in total. Successful projects will be announced in January 2016.



Registered charities and community organisations in Scotland, England or Wales can join forces to apply for up to £1 million to deliver a new and innovative project up to 24 months in length that meets one or more of the following funding themes:

  • sports;
  • community development;
  • environmental protection;
  • health;
  • human rights; and,
  • prevention of poverty.

There will be two or three awards to be granted, of up to £1,000,000 each.

Trees for Cities


  • Applications must be innovative, creative and original, and present projects that are a genuine ‘dream’.
  • To address the challenges being faced by the charitable and voluntary sector, the Dream Fund encourages not-for-profit organisations to collaborate to deliver a more effective project. All applications must therefore come from at least two organisations that have joined forces to deliver an innovative project
  • One of these organisations MUST be a registered charity, who will be considered the lead organisation for the project. The other partners can be charities, voluntary groups, community interest companies or other not-for-profit organisations
  • We do NOT accept applications from councils, local authorities or government/statutory bodies
  •  We have restrictions regarding the income levels of applicants. The lead partner in any application must have an annual income that is at least three times the amount being applied for
    • If you are applying for £750,000 then the lead partner’s annual income must be at least £2.25 million in the last audited accounts.
    • If you are applying for £1 million then the lead partner’s annual income must be at least £3 million in the last audited accounts.
    • For example, if you are applying for £500,000 then the lead partner’s annual income must be at least £1.5 million in the last audited accounts.
  •  Organisations can apply to deliver a project of up to 24 months in length. The minimum amount organisations may apply for is £400,000
  • The Dream Fund was created to allow organisations a chance to deliver their “dream” project – one that they have always wanted to do but never had the funding for - and we encourage applicants to think big and be as creative as possible when submitting their application. If you have an idea for the Dream Fund it is always worth calling the Dream Fund helpdesk and seeing if your project is suitable before applying.



Applicants submit their proposal through a simple online application form that will be available to access from Monday 17th August until Tuesday 22nd September at 5:30pm. Applicants should provide the following details:

  • A brief description of the organisations who are partnering
  • A project description
  • Details of why the project is a ‘dream’ project
  • The amount of funding requested


The most impressive, exciting and original projects will then be shortlisted and asked to apply via a formal online application form. Stage 2 will be open between Oct 12th and Oct 30th.


Stage 2 applicants will then be shortlisted again and the very best entries will be asked to attend our offices in Edinburgh to give a formal presentation on their project to the Dream Fund judges on December 7th/8th.

The Dream Fund guidance notes are available below.

Dream Fund 2016 Guidance Notes