This year's funding priorities

This year's funding priorities

The Dream Fund accepts applications that meet one of the following five funding priorities:


1. Changing lives through early intervention

Changing lives through early intervention

Lives are damaged and large amounts of money are spent because of challenging social issues which could have been prevented. This theme is looking for original and impactful projects that aim to improve people’s lives by tackling social problems through a preventative approach that intervenes at an early stage before problems become more serious.

Areas of particular interest include, health and wellbeing, educational and language attainment outcomes and sectors with clearly identified and measurable problems.


2. Ending loneliness and social isolation

Ending Loneliness

Loneliness and social isolation are becoming increasing problems in Britain, with almost three-quarters of older people in the UK reporting they regularly feel lonely. Loneliness and social isolation can be an issue for individuals of any age but elderly people are especially vulnerable. Loneliness and social also affect people’s health, wellbeing and behaviour.


3. Protecting Britain’s Biodiversity

We need biodiversity for its invaluable ecosystem services, providing oxygen, food, clean water, fertile soil, medicines, shelter, protection from storms and a stable climate. However, today biodiversity is disappearing at 1,000 times the normal rate due to the encroachment of human populations.

Protecting biodiversity

Britain’s biodiversity is particularly fragile. Over the past 50 years, through the intensification of agriculture and increased urbanisation, Britain has experienced a significant decline in biodiversity with populations of birds, butterflies and wild flowers decreasing. We are looking for effective conservation projects that seek to restore biodiversity and address the problems that are accelerating its decline.


4. Sustainable systems change

Systems change

Excessive consumption is often at the root cause of environmental issues and addressing this problem will be key to ensuring sustainable development. This theme is looking for projects that promote sustainable consumption by shifting the way people live, work and connect with others. Areas of interest include urban food systems, plastics, food waste and recycling.


5. Transforming society through sport

Transforming Society through Sport

Sport has the ability to speak to people as a universal language and can unite people across different backgrounds, religions and economic statuses. In addition to promoting health and wellbeing outcomes, sport can also promote values of teamwork, tolerance and resilience.

This theme is looking for diverse partnerships across different sectors and ideally from 3 or 4 organisations, to deliver innovative and impactful projects that use the power of sport to address challenging social problems.


However, please note that we still accept applications for innovative, ground-breaking projects that fall outside our main funding priorities as long as the projects meet the general Dream Fund criteria.

Contact the helpdesk on to discuss any potential idea.